Equipment Donations

Many developing countries’ public servants lack the necessary protective equipment and tools used to support the local communities during emergency situations. One of IFA’s primary roles is to distribute donated firefighting, EMS, and public safety resources and equipment to those in need in developing regions of the world. IFA has been recently involved in delivering donated personal protective equipment to firefighters in the Republic of Haiti.
Please Help Us Help Others.
Your generous contribution to IFA will allow us to assist firefighters and emergency rescue workers in underprivileged countries. 100% of your donation will be used for this cause. 


Firefighter Training Program

Beyond the need for equipment, many of these developing fire and rescue departments lack the vital element of training and instruction on proper use of the equipment and resources. IFA is committed, through training missions and continuous consultation, to aid members of these departments on how to properly use the donated equipment as well as techniques that may be helpful to local communities during emergency situations. Through IFA, members of U.S. fire and rescue departments have held classes in the Republic of Haiti instructing local workers on how to handle swift water and technical rescues as well as how to properly use their firefighting gear to protect themselves during fire suppression activities. IFA also provides sponsorships for firefighters to travel and train in the US.

IFA Relief Training

Community Emergency Preparedness Program

IFA has developed Community Emergency Preparedness Program (CEPP) to assist communities in taking care of themselves in the aftermath of a major disaster when first responders are overwhelmed or unable to respond because of communication, transportation difficulties or delay.
This program will enable citizens of underprivileged countries to become more independent and not rely solely on the government during a crisis. Our goal is to help strengthen local communities by teaching citizens the skills needed to deal with emergencies and to better prepare for disasters.

 IFA Community Emergency Preparedness Program



As part of a continuous effort to improve public safety in Haiti, International Firefighters Assistance (IFA) have developedProjectHELP – Haiti Emergency Lifesavers Program, a relief program designed to assist communities in taking care of their families & neighbors in the aftermath of disasters and emergencies. ProjectHELP was recently launched in June 2010 with the National Scouts Association of Haiti, an initiative of VOILA. More than 100 Haitian scout leaders for many regions of the country were taught the necessary skills to better assist their communities during times of crisis. We hope the news of this invaluable project will encourage others to join our effort in promoting public safety awareness to the people of Haiti